At OPEN M, we are dedicated to reducing health disparities and providing patient-centered services to people with limited access to medical care.

Since 1995, the OPEN M clinic has provided care for uninsured adults throughout Summit County. We offer comprehensive medical care that is focused on chronic disease management. Enrolled patients receive all services, including medications and diabetic supplies, free of charge.  ***No walk ins.  Contact us to enroll.***

Clinic Pharm

Our clinic

We provide primary and specialty healthcare. Our specialties include chiropractic, dermatology, dental, endocrinology, massage therapy, nephrology, neurology, nutrition, physical therapy, optometry, orthopedics, pulmonology, physical therapy, podiatry, urology, women’s health, and behavioral health. Our offerings include:

  • A full-service formulary pharmacy that provides free medicine
  • Basic in-house lab testing, such as blood work and urinalysis
  • Help patients sign up for Medicaid, or find affordable insurance through the healthcare marketplace
  • Has a State Certified Patient Navigator on staff, funded by the Ohio Association of Free Clinics. We help patients access the healthcare marketplace to learn more about Medicaid and insurance options.
  • Focuses on educating patients about:

We focus on educating patients about:

  • Specific diseases
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Nutrition
  • The larger healthcare system


OPEN M is a member of both the Ohio Association of Free Clinics (OAFC) and the National Association of Free Clinics (NAFC). For more information, call 330-434-0110 x 413 or email For information about Medicaid or the Affordable Care Act call 330-434-0110 x 427 or email