OPEN M Free Medical Clinic

We care for the sick.

Pharmacist working at the OPEN M clinicOPEN M operates the only free medical, dental and eye clinic in the city of Akron and serves all of Summit County. Physicians, dentists, optometrists, nurses,pharmacists and other health care professionals serve patients by providing primary treatment, patient education and pastoral care to the uninsured without charge. Our patients also receive medication free of charge at the full-service pharmacy at OPEN M.  Since our clinic is run strictly by volunteers we are unable to offer “walk-in” appointments.  Interested individuals must call the clinic during open enrollment, which takes place on a monthly basis. The first Monday of every month interested clients should call OPEN M at 330-434-0110 starting at 9:30 a.m. and follow the prompts.  

Our clinic provides examinations, laboratory work, diagnostic tests and medications. With nearly 70,000 people without health care insurance in Summit County, the OPEN M clinic is a life-saver for many. Our patients receive consistent medications through our new formulary and pharmacy.

The clinic opened its doors in 1995 and moved in 1999 to its current location inside the OPEN M Neighborhood Center. Since its 2006 expansion (now 14,000 square-foot),  the clinic has five general exam rooms, one dental room, one physical therapy room and one optometry room. Extra space also includes a storage room, nurses’ office, doctors’ office and a retail-size pharmacy.

The clinic offers internal medicine along with 18 other specialties. Our specialties include dermatology, dental, endocrinology, medical message, nephrology, neurology, nutrition, optometry, orthopedics, physical therapy, psychiatry, podiatry, pulmonary, smoking cessations, social services, urology and women’s health. Along with our specialties, we are able to conduct some basic in-house lab services for patients, as well as perform EKG’s and echocardiograms.

2013 was an extremely productive year as the clinic saw approximately 4,012 duplicated patient medical visits.  As a part of those visits, 2,534 lab tests were performed by OPEN M volunteer nurses, medical assistants, and students. The medical visits and lab tests, combined with the professional value of our volunteer staff, are valued at an estimated $541,616.61. The dental clinic saw 178 patient visits, which could include either a diagnostic appointment with x-rays, cleaning, fillings, or extractions. The  dental visits, combined with the professional value of the dentists and dental hygienists, are valued at approximately $35,000. Moreover, the pharmacy filled around 10,574 prescriptions, valued at an estimated $3,856,159.21.

Adequate facilities are important, but they are only a portion of the clinic picture.  Without dedicated staff and volunteers, help would not be able to reach those in need.  The clinic is operated under the guidance of Roger B. Chaffee, MD, the clinic’s Medical Director, whose medical expertise is well documented in the community and whose humility is an example for all.

With the number of uninsured rising, there is much work to be done to ensure that the OPEN M Free Clinic can continue to provide care for the uninsured of Summit County.

Dr. Roger B. Chaffee, OPEN M’s Medical Director

Dr. Roger ChaffeeThe clinic is operated under the guidance of Dr. Roger B. Chaffee, a well-known cardiologist, who serves as our medical director. The clinic has a contractual relationship with Northeast Ohio College of Osteopathic Medicine, Walsh University, the University of Akron and Malone College School of Nursing. OPEN M provides these institutions an environment for educating future family practice physicians and professional nurses.

OPEN M Free Medical Staff


To Volunteer at the Clinic, please contact:

330.434.0110, Ext. 418

Items We Need to Be Donated

  • Asprin – 81 mg and 325 mg tablets
  • Calcium with vitamin D tablets
  • Ibuprofen – 200 mg
  • Tylenol – 325 mg and 500 mg tablets
  • AA Batteries – 4 packs (for monitors)
  • Pill Cutters (New / Un-opened Packages)
  • Fish Oil